Learning is a continuous process and it should be done every day without fail!!


If people fail in their tasks, they should never give up and should continue in a course of action and try, try till we succeed this is called Perseverance.

My Inspiration is Helen Keller, even though she was blind and deaf she could achieve success. Her perseverance and will power is what made reach her destiny.


Everybody should be confident in their tasks they should have faith and a belief in their ability to achieve things.


Everyone should have hope and should be optimistic in their tasks.

Hope is an inner feeling of expectation and desire for something good to happen.

“If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L means “First Attempt in Learning” End is not the End in Fact E.N.D means “Effort Never Dies”.

If you get No as an Answer, Remember N.O Means “Next Opportunity”

So let’s be Positive.

~A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

These points I have learnt and wanted to share with you all.

Another Thing which makes me Boosted with Energy is The Meaning of Today


Opportunity To


Any work better than


Loads of Happiness,



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Soar High In The Sky!!

Every body has a strong desire for something or the other.My ardent desire is to fly in the sky.I love air sports and adventures.Top of my bucket-list is to fly in the air.When I was seeing videos on hang gliding and other air sports.I thought if I give a try to the air sports, I’ll be really happy and do many other adventures like this .As birds fly high in the sky , I felt why not I also feel the pleasure in flying.So I would definitely give a try to it and make my wish come true.

Adventures are the things I love, they give me so much Happiness I feel.

I have never ever done any risky adventure in my life till date, but I am surely gonna try it one day for sure!!

Hang gliding ,Bungee jumping and other risky adventures, I would try one day for sure, that is my strong desire  and other adventures which are thrilling.I wanna do them, do you have any wish like that??


When birds are flying with you in the sky, how good it feels right, Enjoying the nature and the atmosphere and even enjoying hang gliding at the same time it would be really an thrilling experience!!

Bungee Jumping is another air sport, I wanna do because touching the water and coming back is really thrilling,amazing!!!




“supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is the word I am quoting here, because they’re wonderful in their own way!!

I love adventures!!

Loads of Love,




✉️ A Letter To Myself ✍️

I was thinking , so much that I was drived crazy, when this idea came to me, let me write a letter to myself (My future self), now I am just 15 year old, I would write a letter  to my elder self (my future self), expressing my feelings.

✉️ Here is the letter :-

Dear Myself (Elder Self),

I am writing to you from the past, I hope you’re happy and didn’t stop writing or reading books.You might be very busy , but please read the letter!!

I hope you’re really happy and successful at this stage of your life, never give up and be confident at your tasks.I am not your adviser, but also I am your past , I am doing my best in my studies.

I don’t want to make the letter lengthy and boring , whatever obstacles you may have come across in your life , just believe yourself and never compare yourself to others.

I want to highlight one thing, be in present don’t be in past or future, cause present is a gift from god!!!

Even though, I  am writing to the future , I live in present, so just be happy where ever you’re and make things happen. Actually I don’t even know what I am writing..But my mind says Just Be You, whatever may happen Just Be Yourself!!

Understand that sometimes things may not be in your favor, that time make things Happen.You cannot  be Happy unless you’re yourself!!

Just Believe In Yourself, Be Happy, Be confident!!

Thank you so much for reading this letter which would boost your energy!!

Loads of love,

Younger Self (Myself)


 ©Aishwarya V

☺️For The Love Of Books☺️


Many Times I feel like someone is always with me that are my sole companions, my books.

All the time the books give me so much comfort and pleasure.

When I feel lonely I read a book , I don’t have any good companions to comfort me when I am depressed ; I pen down my thoughts and feelings in my diary. Don’t you feel that a Book is a good companion for the reader or the writer??

Let me quote an example, When you’re reading a good book, you might feel as if the characters of the book are talking to you and you’re so engrossed in reading the book !!

Books might take us to the special place like the story land.

Books aren’t just books .They’re the precious wealth we own and we have to share this wealth with everyone.

In a certain story , the characters are going to meet the villain of the story, we feel as if we are going to do some adventure.

We feel the story is Real , even though its Fictional.

This readers, who feel they’re in the story as the protagonist or the main character are The happy Readers who Indulge reading books who have  good memory power .

Books Give Us many Benefits , So Every Person should Make reading as a hobby.

The Person who doesn’t has any real friends should start reading a book!!

Books are the good companions for the readers.


Loads Of Love,



 ©Aishwarya V

The Undiscovered Journey !!

I wonder sometimes reading dwell us into the world of imagination and fantasy and we are so engrossed in a book that  we feel that we are going to a journey with a character.Have you ever felt like that??

Every writer or a reader feels the same that they’re going to a journey and travelling with the fictional characters!!.

We feel as if  we’re  going to a journey with the book.

For an instance in Harry Potter, it is a fantasy novel written by J.K.Rowling.There are many characters and you may feel that the protagonist is you at some cases.

When the plot twist comes in the story, we think that what would happen next and it would be really amazing experience , when we read a book!!

While reading a book , we merge into the story completely and we forget about our surroundings.

In Any Fictional novel, we feel that the fictional characters are real and My feeling is that I am travelling with the characters to reach their destination.When The story is finished we feel that we had reached our destination with the fictional characters!!

This is the Journey which is unknown to the readers nor writers.

But the Inner feeling of travelling  with the characters and it is a big Journey we never knew!!

This is called The Undiscovered Journey!!

Loads of Love,


 ©Aishwarya V

Books Are The Gateway To Knowledge

Ever wondered reading books might take you to a place of happiness.If you don’t have a friend , a book is more than a friend and when you’re engrossed in reading a book.We don’t know what we do and a book is a dream we hold in our hand.In this modern world of technology,children are rarely bothered to read books.There are various numbers of books available for kids, students, youngsters, adults and the elderly.

There are many benefits by reading books. First it improves our vocabulary and enhances one’s creativity. It reduces stress from our daily life. We acquire knowledge through books. It even improves our memory power.We can see improvement in focus and concentration.

Reading books of different genres transforms one to the world of imagination and fantasy.But the present scenario of reading habit is that it is one of the uncommon habit that is found right now.Especially children are more interested in virtual world of electronic gadgets like TV, computers and mobile phones.So, they rarely bother to read the books.

However, nowadays the children are much going with technology and preferring to read e-books such as books available in kindle and wattpad.

When it comes to me, I like reading both fiction and non-fiction. I recently read a book in non-fiction that is “my journey transforming dreams into actions” written by Apj Abdul Kalam.From the book, I knew the struggles of Abdul Kalam and it was inspiring and motivating.

I had learnt that every person should have an aim in their life.

I had inculcated a value that hard work is the only weapon that leads us to success.

Another book, I am currently reading in fiction is “Eragon” written by Christopher Paolini. It is a book which took me to a world of fantasy and it bought sense of creativity in me.

I learnt how to be brave and courageous from the book.

It highlights about dragon riders.My favorite author is Apj Abdul Kalam his books have inspired and motivated me to do some good things in life.

So, I would like to suggest to my friends, that we should never leave the habit of reading and it should become a part of our life.

Loads Of Love ,



 ©Aishwarya V




(Adjective)Producing a display of rainbow like colors.

Iridescent life

Life is full of up’s and down’s and it is filled with happiness, surprises, pleasantness, joyfulness, sadness and bitter moments. It is like rainbow with different colors and different things mixed with sunshine and many other things like Happiness, goodness, usefulness and much more to make our life vibrant and brilliant.

Sometimes I feel that is life a puzzle, we can solve the mystery just through our mental skills and logical thinking skills.

I used to wonder that nature is so much connected to our life, like the colors of the rainbow are 7 and in a every week there are 7 days and we can make every day colorful with our deeds, thoughts and actions.

Whatever we do, the thought process to the actions we perform everyday and analyze our self if the things with a filter if it is Truthful to our life, good to our life and useful to our life, if we filter this things we have done the whole day we can become better and better persons.

Remember that whatever we do in life, it should enhance and improve our life.

If we are not able to do certain things, set a goal and till it is completed don’t get diverted just try to be focused and reward yourself after it’s done.

Just take charge of yourself and be free.

You are Responsible for yourself.

Everyone knows what is right and wrong!

Try to guide yourself in the right track, you should control your mind and you shouldn’t be the slave of your mind, mind should be slave of you. Remember whatever is correct and right you’ve to guide and mentor yourself in the correct path, then you’ll achieve your target.

Let us talk about Rainbow colors i.e. VIBGYOR and their significance in our life –

V- VIOLET / PURPLE it is the color of royalty, extravagance, joy, creativity and wisdom. It has a powerful position, divine and sacred place in the nature. Lavender other flowers in purple are considered as precious. It is used for meditation.

I-INDIGO is the color of spirituality, infinity and mysticism and it is the color with a tinge of purple and blue. Indigo shades were considered to alleviate skin problems.

B – BLUE is the color, I love it gives me happiness and a peaceful feeling and it has a powerful effect on everyone. The sky is blue, the water is blue everything that is powerful and peaceful is blue. It is used to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

G – GREEN is the color of hope and happiness, the nature is green and everything that is beautiful is green and whenever we see green we feel something pleasant is around us. Whenever I see the lush green trees (Ashoka trees) from my balcony I feel elated and revived. Green is used for medical purpose in the olden days (Ayurveda).

Y –Yellow is a color of vibrancy, sunshine, hope, joy and happiness. On one hand yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the other, it represents cowardice and foolishness. Few doses of this color are good and mostly it is treated as an emotional and a sensitive color. Yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

O – Orange is color which combines both the colors of yellow and red. It is considered as a cheerful color. It is full of liveliness, enthusiasm, dynamic, spontaneous, and signifies the youth of the generations. It stimulates brain and mental activity. It is used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels.

R – Red is color of blood and fire. It represents danger, aggression, war, power, strength, excitement and ambitiousness.  Other words are determination, courage, passion, desire and love.  Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It is used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase blood circulation.

We had a project on color psychology, so I could know more about these colors.

Be Enthusiastic and smile often and talk with everyone, develop all the soft skills in you and become a vibrant and a brilliant person. Colors affect our life in many ways. They control us, whatever might be your favorite color, whenever you see it positive feelings and good thoughts should flow in your mind. So be careful while choosing a color in everyday life.

I hope that everybody becomes a better person than ever before. In the outfits you wear, whatever the things you buy it should be in the color you love and bring good, positive thoughts and remember that thoughts result in action.

Thanks For Reading This Article And Sparing Your Time.

© All Rights Reserved 2017 V.S.R.M.AISHWARYA






The Window Sill

Hello Poet Universe Creatures,

I’m here to present a poem as a gift to one and all.

I am writing this poem as it is my passion to write poems and it even helps me to think in a creative and innovative way and this leads to positive thinking. 

Okay I’ll begin the poem here it goes: –



Written By


Wrote on: 21st April, 2017

Oh there is a window sill,

Where I chill.

The lust green trees move to and fro,

Where I move my head here and there.

The greenery made me happy.
And the trees moves always with jolly.

From the window sill I used to hear sounds,
of vehicles which made me go out with a bound.(walk or run)

The chirping of birds is so pleasant to my ears;
I loved to hear the cuckoo sound of birds throughout the years.

I’m so blessed to see the greenery,
which is beaming through the window sill.

Those rays of goodness carried sunshine,
in the glittering view of greenery in daylight.

I used to wonder,
that I could see my whole place through my window sill.

That was a place with lust green trees,
where I’m growing with goodness and joy.

Oh there is a window sill,
where I often feel thrills.

Seeing the sheer beauty of nature,
and feeling the touch of the open air.

I enhance myself near the window sill;
the nature enchants me with its sheer beauty.

Oh there is a window sill,
where I chill.

The birds chirp in a rhythm every day,
and I glare them in every way.

Oh there is a window sill,
where I often feel thrills.

The greenery and vehicles surround me with joy,
I go around and enjoy.

Oh there is a window sill,
where I chill.
And often feel thrills;
I stay there still.

It gave me so much,
and those memories are untouched.

I’m so elated,
to see the beauty of the creator (God).

Blissful joy surrounds me,
with awakening happiness around me and the air is free.

Oh there is a window sill,
where I chill.
And often feel thrills;
I stay there still.


 This poem is written sitting near the window sill.
This is poet’s experience which she represents in this poem about the window sill.I 

© All Rights Reserved 2017 V.S.R.M.AISHWARYA

I have posted the same poem on wordkrowd.com-



♡ Stories and Books ♡





I apologize for that because I was in 10th grade, I couldn’t post and not even touch any gadgets until my exams were over. My exams got finished on April 8th and I relaxed and chilled for 5 days and came back to my real happy life. Okay I have to stop let’s get continued with my topic.

My grandma never said me any story because she died when I was 3 years old and all that time, since I was born she was bed ridden and my grandpa I didn’t see him that was my paternal side what I was talking about till now.

I was not close to my maternal grandma that much because she lived in her town with grandpa and we were not so close I don’t remember any story said by my grandma.

Okay let’s go to the point, my mom loves stories and books and she said me tons of good stories and funny ones too and since then; I developed a habit of reading, whenever I am bored and need relaxation. I used to buy comics read them; they were so interesting and funny. I read lot of comics and BOOKS by famous authors like Enid Blyton, Nancy drew, Sherlock Holmes, Sudha Murthy Books and Abdul Kalam books and whatever book I loved to read.

Reading makes us find solutions to our problems , we face in daily life.

One day, my friends were talking about an app named wattpad, my friend said that she joined there and found many books of different genres and I thought I should try it out and I created an account and read books of genre fantasy teen fiction and horror books. We can read and talk with authors in real time, it was amazing. Even we can create own stories, it was a great experience being on wattpad, I joined the app in 2016 January. Now I saw another app by wattpad i.e. Tap it is a chat stories app, we can create our own stories, I have read some 20 stories like that it was so nice and they are so addictive and we are hooked up and think what would happen next?


Stories take us to a world which is totally undiscovered and waiting to be discovered and I get lost in the story land, it would take me some time to regain consciousness, I was just kidding they even enhance our vocabulary and makes our super genius brain find our talent.

I have learnt many things from a story, some are connected to real life and others might be humorous which make us healthy and you know that laughter is the best medicine.

Sometimes, I feel that life is a like a story. Where we play the main character’s role and others are all side characters and we go in a path where our parents and teachers guide and support us to be successful and get inspired by everyone.

Books are people’s best friends, sometimes I feel really lonely that time I go pick up a book and start to read, I get involved and divulged in the book. My mom gives me something to eat and I eat it and then I ask her what did you give mom? I don’t care about surroundings if I am interested in reading the story or a book.

I do recommend people to read the stories which suits them, pick up the genre which you love, read at least one book a week and I am saying that your life’s will get better because books help us relieve our mental stress, today our world is going faster and it has become so tedious and everyone needs energy  and happiness , everybody deserves it right , so start reading books and you’ll see that a change has happened and you’re able to beat the mental stress and get revived with joy and goodness.

The people who feel depressed and sad, should read books, they will surely give you a way to your problems.

I felt lonely in my class, I couldn’t mingle properly with anyone, I was a silent and innocent girl, when I started to read books and stories , my behavior changed a lot , I started being social , started to talk with everyone  and if it had brought a change in me , it will definitely bring a good change in you.

Have a great day!

Be Happy Always ,

Loads of Happiness,