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I apologize for that because I was in 10th grade, I couldn’t post and not even touch any gadgets until my exams were over. My exams got finished on April 8th and I relaxed and chilled for 5 days and came back to my real happy life. Okay I have to stop let’s get continued with my topic.

My grandma never said me any story because she died when I was 3 years old and all that time, since I was born she was bed ridden and my grandpa I didn’t see him that was my paternal side what I was talking about till now.

I was not close to my maternal grandma that much because she lived in her town with grandpa and we were not so close I don’t remember any story said by my grandma.

Okay let’s go to the point, my mom loves stories and books and she said me tons of good stories and funny ones too and since then; I developed a habit of reading, whenever I am bored and need relaxation. I used to buy comics read them; they were so interesting and funny. I read lot of comics and BOOKS by famous authors like Enid Blyton, Nancy drew, Sherlock Holmes, Sudha Murthy Books and Abdul Kalam books and whatever book I loved to read.

Reading makes us find solutions to our problems , we face in daily life.

One day, my friends were talking about an app named wattpad, my friend said that she joined there and found many books of different genres and I thought I should try it out and I created an account and read books of genre fantasy teen fiction and horror books. We can read and talk with authors in real time, it was amazing. Even we can create own stories, it was a great experience being on wattpad, I joined the app in 2016 January. Now I saw another app by wattpad i.e. Tap it is a chat stories app, we can create our own stories, I have read some 20 stories like that it was so nice and they are so addictive and we are hooked up and think what would happen next?


Stories take us to a world which is totally undiscovered and waiting to be discovered and I get lost in the story land, it would take me some time to regain consciousness, I was just kidding they even enhance our vocabulary and makes our super genius brain find our talent.

I have learnt many things from a story, some are connected to real life and others might be humorous which make us healthy and you know that laughter is the best medicine.

Sometimes, I feel that life is a like a story. Where we play the main character’s role and others are all side characters and we go in a path where our parents and teachers guide and support us to be successful and get inspired by everyone.

Books are people’s best friends, sometimes I feel really lonely that time I go pick up a book and start to read, I get involved and divulged in the book. My mom gives me something to eat and I eat it and then I ask her what did you give mom? I don’t care about surroundings if I am interested in reading the story or a book.

I do recommend people to read the stories which suits them, pick up the genre which you love, read at least one book a week and I am saying that your life’s will get better because books help us relieve our mental stress, today our world is going faster and it has become so tedious and everyone needs energy  and happiness , everybody deserves it right , so start reading books and you’ll see that a change has happened and you’re able to beat the mental stress and get revived with joy and goodness.

The people who feel depressed and sad, should read books, they will surely give you a way to your problems.

I felt lonely in my class, I couldn’t mingle properly with anyone, I was a silent and innocent girl, when I started to read books and stories , my behavior changed a lot , I started being social , started to talk with everyone  and if it had brought a change in me , it will definitely bring a good change in you.

Have a great day!

Be Happy Always ,

Loads of Happiness,











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