Soar High In The Sky!!

Every body has a strong desire for something or the other.My ardent desire is to fly in the sky.I love air sports and adventures.Top of my bucket-list is to fly in the air.When I was seeing videos on hang gliding and other air sports.I thought if I give a try to the air sports, I’ll be really happy and do many other adventures like this .As birds fly high in the sky , I felt why not I also feel the pleasure in flying.So I would definitely give a try to it and make my wish come true.

Adventures are the things I love, they give me so much Happiness I feel.

I have never ever done any risky adventure in my life till date, but I am surely gonna try it one day for sure!!

Hang gliding ,Bungee jumping and other risky adventures, I would try one day for sure, that is my strong desire  and other adventures which are thrilling.I wanna do them, do you have any wish like that??


When birds are flying with you in the sky, how good it feels right, Enjoying the nature and the atmosphere and even enjoying hang gliding at the same time it would be really an thrilling experience!!

Bungee Jumping is another air sport, I wanna do because touching the water and coming back is really thrilling,amazing!!!




“supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is the word I am quoting here, because they’re wonderful in their own way!!

I love adventures!!

Loads of Love,





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