✉️ A Letter To Myself ✍️

I was thinking , so much that I was drived crazy, when this idea came to me, let me write a letter to myself (My future self), now I am just 15 year old, I would write a letter  to my elder self (my future self), expressing my feelings.

✉️ Here is the letter :-

Dear Myself (Elder Self),

I am writing to you from the past, I hope you’re happy and didn’t stop writing or reading books.You might be very busy , but please read the letter!!

I hope you’re really happy and successful at this stage of your life, never give up and be confident at your tasks.I am not your adviser, but also I am your past , I am doing my best in my studies.

I don’t want to make the letter lengthy and boring , whatever obstacles you may have come across in your life , just believe yourself and never compare yourself to others.

I want to highlight one thing, be in present don’t be in past or future, cause present is a gift from god!!!

Even though, I  am writing to the future , I live in present, so just be happy where ever you’re and make things happen. Actually I don’t even know what I am writing..But my mind says Just Be You, whatever may happen Just Be Yourself!!

Understand that sometimes things may not be in your favor, that time make things Happen.You cannot  be Happy unless you’re yourself!!

Just Believe In Yourself, Be Happy, Be confident!!

Thank you so much for reading this letter which would boost your energy!!

Loads of love,

Younger Self (Myself)


 ©Aishwarya V


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