☺️For The Love Of Books☺️


Many Times I feel like someone is always with me that are my sole companions, my books.

All the time the books give me so much comfort and pleasure.

When I feel lonely I read a book , I don’t have any good companions to comfort me when I am depressed ; I pen down my thoughts and feelings in my diary. Don’t you feel that a Book is a good companion for the reader or the writer??

Let me quote an example, When you’re reading a good book, you might feel as if the characters of the book are talking to you and you’re so engrossed in reading the book !!

Books might take us to the special place like the story land.

Books aren’t just books .They’re the precious wealth we own and we have to share this wealth with everyone.

In a certain story , the characters are going to meet the villain of the story, we feel as if we are going to do some adventure.

We feel the story is Real , even though its Fictional.

This readers, who feel they’re in the story as the protagonist or the main character are The happy Readers who Indulge reading books who have  good memory power .

Books Give Us many Benefits , So Every Person should Make reading as a hobby.

The Person who doesn’t has any real friends should start reading a book!!

Books are the good companions for the readers.


Loads Of Love,



 ©Aishwarya V


4 thoughts on “☺️For The Love Of Books☺️

    • Yes we can’t replace a good friend or family .
      I mean when we’re lonely a book only can make us happy!!
      My favourite authors are J.K.Rowling and Christopher Paolini and My favourite books are Harry potter and Eragon!!
      Thanks for the comment! !


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