I wonder sometimes reading dwell us into the world of imagination and fantasy and we are so engrossed in a book that  we feel that we are going to a journey with a character.Have you ever felt like that??

Every writer or a reader feels the same that they’re going to a journey and travelling with the fictional characters!!.

We feel as if  we’re  going to a journey with the book.

For an instance in Harry Potter, it is a fantasy novel written by J.K.Rowling.There are many characters and you may feel that the protagonist is you at some cases.

When the plot twist comes in the story, we think that what would happen next and it would be really amazing experience , when we read a book!!

While reading a book , we merge into the story completely and we forget about our surroundings.

In Any Fictional novel, we feel that the fictional characters are real and My feeling is that I am travelling with the characters to reach their destination.When The story is finished we feel that we had reached our destination with the fictional characters!!

This is the Journey which is unknown to the readers nor writers.

But the Inner feeling of travelling  with the characters and it is a big Journey we never knew!!

This is called The Undiscovered Journey!!

Loads of Love,


 ©Aishwarya V


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