Books Are The Gateway To Knowledge

Ever wondered reading books might take you to a place of happiness.If you don’t have a friend , a book is more than a friend and when you’re engrossed in reading a book.We don’t know what we do and a book is a dream we hold in our hand.In this modern world of technology,children are rarely bothered to read books.There are various numbers of books available for kids, students, youngsters, adults and the elderly.

There are many benefits by reading books. First it improves our vocabulary and enhances one’s creativity. It reduces stress from our daily life. We acquire knowledge through books. It even improves our memory power.We can see improvement in focus and concentration.

Reading books of different genres transforms one to the world of imagination and fantasy.But the present scenario of reading habit is that it is one of the uncommon habit that is found right now.Especially children are more interested in virtual world of electronic gadgets like TV, computers and mobile phones.So, they rarely bother to read the books.

However, nowadays the children are much going with technology and preferring to read e-books such as books available in kindle and wattpad.

When it comes to me, I like reading both fiction and non-fiction. I recently read a book in non-fiction that is “my journey transforming dreams into actions” written by Apj Abdul Kalam.From the book, I knew the struggles of Abdul Kalam and it was inspiring and motivating.

I had learnt that every person should have an aim in their life.

I had inculcated a value that hard work is the only weapon that leads us to success.

Another book, I am currently reading in fiction is “Eragon” written by Christopher Paolini. It is a book which took me to a world of fantasy and it bought sense of creativity in me.

I learnt how to be brave and courageous from the book.

It highlights about dragon riders.My favorite author is Apj Abdul Kalam his books have inspired and motivated me to do some good things in life.

So, I would like to suggest to my friends, that we should never leave the habit of reading and it should become a part of our life.

Loads Of Love ,



 ©Aishwarya V



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